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We Manufacture High-Quality Replacement Rolls for most Roller Mill and Flaking Mill makes and models used in Feed, Food and Industrial Applications

Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing stocks one of the largest inventories of chilled cast iron roll castings in the United States.  Roll diameters range from 8 to 32-inches in commonly used lengths to meet your requirements.  Our finished Roll Journals (shafts) are machined of AISI-4140 Alloy-Steel to withstand the extreme pressures encountered with rolling or flaking your product. 

The Process

The process begins with the highest quality Spanish or German chilled iron castings.  The hard alloy surface (48-52 RC) is poured first followed by the gray iron core, which assures long life of the rolling surface.  The roll castings are then stress relieved and allowed to cool, rough turned and rough bored in large lathes.  The casting is then hardness tested in several locations on the rolling surface and ultrasonically inspected to insure that there are no voids or cracks in the casting.  The casting is then precision bored for shafts as specified by Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing, then precision ground.  After final inspection, a serial number is stamped with a unique number on the end of each roll casting that identifies the roll throughout its useful life.


We receive the castings in full sea containers and record each serial number in our data-base as they are unloaded.  We then machine the bore end of each shaft in CNC precision lathes and then hydraulically press each shaft into the bores of each casting.  The roll is then setup in a large heavy-duty CNC Roll Turning Lathe where the bearing surfaces and threads are precision machined to size.  We then machine keyways into the shaft when required.  Then the rolls are 100% dimensionally inspected prior to final grinding of the rolling surfaces.

Grinding and Corrugation

After the journals are finish machined, the roll is setup on a special precision cylindrical grinder where the roll body is ground concentric to the bearing surfaces.  We then inspect and record the roll body dimensions.  Many applications call for rolls with smooth rolling surfaces, in this case we coated the roll with a rust preventative, wrap it and crate it for shipment.  

Many applications require that precision grooves (corrugation) be cut into the roll body.  This requires an additional operation involving our Roll Corrugating Department.  We machine Straight (horizontal) Corrugation, Spiral (helical) Corrugation or Ring Cut (vertical) Corrugation to achieve the final product specification of the material being processed.

Product Testing

Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing offers product testing at our Hereford, Texas plant to determine the best Corrugation Profile to achieve the final product results you desire during cracking, grinding and flaking applications.

Contact Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing

Telephone us for a quotation or additional information at (806) 364-9051 or call us toll-free in the US and Canada at (800) 299-9051 or contact us by e-mail by clicking here.


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