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Flaking Mills are used in numerous applications such as Vegetable Oil extraction to expose oil cells in seeds and grains, for Breakfast Cereals and to produce flakes from of Steam Conditioned grains to maximize livestock feed conversion efficiency. 

Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing offers the Ferrell-Ross brand of heavy-duty Industrial Flaking Mills to meet your processing requirements. Ferrell-Ross™ is a product of the A.T. Ferrell Co., Bluffton, IN. 

Standard features of the Flaking Mills we offer include:

  • Dual-Drive or Conventional-Drive Packages
  • XHD Adjustable Motor Bases
  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Roll Housing Covers
  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Roll Housing Center Section
  • Solid, Chilled Cast Iron Rolls with Journals fabricated and CNC machined of AISI-4140 Alloy-Steel
  • High-Quality SKF Double-Row Spherical-Roller Main Bearings
  • Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Bearing Housings for optimal heat dissipation
  • Heavy-Duty Tension Springs and Hydraulic Accumulator Roll Protection
  • Hydraulic Roll Open/Close System
  • Air-over-Hydraulic Pump with Reservoir
  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Pin Feeder with AC or DC Variable-Speed Drives
  • Steam Roll-Preheating System
  • Central Greasing System


Optional Equipment, Accessories and Services Include:

  • Heavy Structural Steel Stands with stainless-steel Hoppers to match conveyance under the flaking mill
  • Operator Work Platforms/Mezzanines allows easy access to Mill and Steam Valve controls
  • Automated Touch-Screen System Control capable of controlling Flaking Mills or Roller Mills, monitor Motor amperage, Rolls open/closed, Feeder Speed, Modulated Steam valves, monitor Steam Chest Temperature Zones. Models available to control from 1 to 5 Steam Flaking systems.
  • Electric-over-Hydraulic Pump and Control Valve capable of operating five or more flakers. Reservoirs available up to 100+ gallons.
  • Manual Micro Hand-Wheel Roll Clearance Adjustment
  • Automated Roll Gap Adjustment System
  • Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder
  • Flo-More® Steam Chests custom built to fit any Flaking Mill and your existing structure
  • Condensate Evacuation systems
  • Vertical or Horizontal Flake Coolers with optional Dryers
  • Drag, Screw or Belt conveyors to move flake from the mill
  • Elevator Legs to move grain to your scalper or hot flake to your Cooler or Load-out Hopper
  • Rotary Grain Scalpers and Cleaners. Removes trash to protect your rolls from damage. Removes fines to save energy in your Steam Chest and prevent wrapping on rolls.
  • Stainless-steel Grain Conditioning Conveyor with mix and fold flighting allows for addition of grain conditioners/moisture prior to steam conditioning
  • Fabricated Steel Soak Bins
  • Load Out Bins
  • Grain Storage Bins
  • Drive-Over receiving Conveyors to unload grain trucks or rail cars
  • Complete Systems Design capability
  • Equipment Installation and Startup
  • Greenfield construction or existing facilities renovation


For information on Flaking Mills, call Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing at (806) 364-9051 or call us toll free in the US at (800) 299-9051 or email us by clicking here. Fax us at 806-364-8853.


Flaking Mill Examples

32X68 Ferrell-Ross Steam Flakers - 40+ Tons per Hour

24X56 Ferrell-Ross Steam Flakers - 22 to 25+ Tons per Hour

24X48 Ferrell-Ross Steam Flakers - 18 to 20+ Tons per Hour

20X42 Ferrell-Ross Steam Flakers - 10 to 12 Tons per Hour

18X36 Ferrell-Ross Steam Flakers - 6 to 8 Tons per Hour

18X12 Ferrell-Ross Laboratory Flaker 18X36 Ferrell-Ross Oat Flaker
32X40 Ferrell-Ross Water-Cooled Cereal Flaker 28X56 Ferrell-Ross Oil Seed Flaker

Used-Rebuilt 18X36 Ferrell-Ross Conventional-Drive Flaker - Dual-Drive Conversions available

Used-Rebuilt 20X42 Ferrell-Ross Dual-Drive Flaker - Conventional-Drive Conversions available

Used-Rebuilt 18X36 PMS Flaker with Planetary Gear Drive.  Also available in 20X36 & 20X42 Models.

Advanced Flaking System controls Flaking Mill, Steam Conditioning System and more

Advanced Flaking System controls up to five Steam Flaking Systems

Digital Temperature Readout System

Air-over-Hydraulic Pumps and Reservoirs with Manually-operated or Electrically-operated Directional Control Valves

Electric-over-Hydraulic Pump and Reservoir operates five or more Flaking Systems

For information on Flaking Mills, call Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing at (806) 364-9051 or call us toll free in the US at (800) 299-9051 or email us by clicking here.  Fax us at 806-364-8853.


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