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Flo-MoreŽ High-Efficiency Stainless-Steel Steam Chests

Flo-MoreŽ High-Efficiency Stainless-Steel Steam Chests steam condition grains such as corn, milo (sorghum), wheat and barley in Flaking Operations for Feed & Food Production.  Models available to process from 2 to 50 tons per hour and fabricated in any height to match the capabilities of your Flaking Mill. 

Flo-MoreŽ Steam Chests feature:

  • Heavy 10-Gauge Type-304 Stainless-Steel Body

  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Structural Support located on top of the Transition

  • Heavy-Gauge Type-304 Stainless-Steel Lifting Lugs

  •  Type-304 Stainless-Steel Internal Steam Diffusion Injectors and Injector Supports

  • Exclusive Flo-MoreŽ Dual-Zone Steam Injector Sparge Design that provides each injection point with Twin Concentric  Steam Injector Sparge Rings for optimal steam conditioning of grains

  • Two (2) Type-304 Stainless-Steel Man-Way Maintenance Access Points – One in Top of Steam Chest and one in Discharge Transition Cone

  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Top Vent Port

  • Heavy-Wall Type-304 Stainless-Steel Steam Distribution Manifold and Internally plumbed Stainless-Steel Piping to Steam Injectors

  • Type-316 Stainless-Steel 1/4-Turn Flanged Ball Valves with Stainless-Steel Ball and Teflon Seat rated for Steam Service

  •  Tempered Sight-Glass in Discharge Transition Cone with Type-304 Stainless-Steel Bezel

  • Three (3) Industrial Temperature Gauges with Stainless-Steel Thermo-Wells.  Models 30-feet and taller are equipped with four (4) Temperature Gauges and Thermo-Wells. 

  • Optional Digital Readout Temperature Panel and Probes available on request.

  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Bin-Level-Indicator Mounting Plate

  • Heavy-Duty Structural Steel Mounting Pads for rigid mounting of Steam Chest

  • Type-304 Stainless-Steel Expansion Joint for joining Discharge Transition Cone to Flaking Mill’s Feeder

  • Factory Installed Insulation with Polished Stainless-Steel Wrapper available on request

Flo-MoreŽ Products are designed and manufactured in the USA by Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing, Inc.

For additional information on Flo-MoreŽ products, click here for literature or email us by clicking here.  You may also contact us by calling (806) 364-9051 or call us toll-free in the US by calling (800) 299-9051.


Flo-MoreŽ Steam Chest Discharge Transition Cone

Flo-MoreŽ Steam Chest Body

Flo-MoreŽ Steam Chest during Fabrication

Flo-MoreŽ Steam Chest Discharge End

Flo-MoreŽ Factory Insulated Steam Chest Body

Flo-MoreŽ Discharge Transition Cone

Flo-MoreŽ Steam Chest Steam-Distribution Manifold

Flo-MoreŽ Heavy-Gauge Stainless-Steel Lifting Lug

Flo-MoreŽ Heavy-Duty Structural Steel Mounting Pad

Flo-MoreŽ High-Efficiency Stainless-Steel Insulated Steam Chest with Polished Stainless-Steel Insulation Wrapper




Optional Flo-MoreŽ Digital Temperature Readout Panel with Temperature Probes and Stainless-Steel Thermo-Wells



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