Flaking Mills

Flaking Mills are used in numerous applications such as Vegetable Oil extraction to expose oil cells in seeds and grains, for Breakfast Cereals and to produce flakes from Steam Conditioned grains to maximize livestock feed conversion efficiency. Ferrell-Ross Roll Manufacturing offers the Ferrell-Ross brand of heavy-duty Industrial Flaking Mills to meet your processing requirements.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Ferrell Ross Flakers


Corn: 2 Tons per hour
Wheat: 2.5 Tons per hour
Milo/Barley: 1.5 Tons per hour


Corn: 7 Tons per hour
Wheat: 8 Tons per hour
Milo/Barley: 5 Tons per hour


Corn: 12 Tons per hour
Wheat: 14Tons per hour
Milo/Barley: 8 Tons per hour


Corn: 20 Tons per hour
Wheat: 24 Tons per hour
Milo/Barley: 16 Tons per hour


Corn: 25 Tons per hour
Wheat: 30 Tons per hour
Milo/Barley: 20 Tons per hour


Corn: 45 Tons per hour
Wheat: 54 Tons per hour
Milo/Barley: 38 Tons per hour

The Ferrell-Ross Flakemaster Series combines superior flaking performance with rugged reliability and straightforward operation.

Standard Features: 
  • Two Chilled Cast Iron Rolls
  •   Heavy Duty Mild Steel Mill Base
  •   T304 Stainless Steel Mill Housing
  •   (2) Roll Inspection Doors
  •   FlakeMaster Design Allows Roll Removal From Front or Back of Mill
  •   Heavy-Duty Spring and Hydraulic Accumulator Roll Protection
  •   Double Row Self-Aligning SKF Spherical Roller Bearings
  •   Hydraulic Cylinder Roll Tension
  •   Locking Collar Positive Stop Roll Gap Adjustment
  •   Dual HTD Drive Package with Enclosed Guards
  •   Frame Extension with (2) Adjustable Motor Bases
  •   Stainless Steel Roll Scraper Assemblies with Aluminum Blades
  •   Stainless Steel Pin Feeder with Adjustable Slide Gate and Inspection Door
  •   AC Inverter Duty Pin Feeder Drive Motor
  •   Adjustable Internal Product Deflector
  •   Convenient Central Grease Manifolds with Poly Grease Lines
  •   Product Sampling Door
  •   Roll Pre-Heat System (requires steam connection
  • Hydraulic pump 
  • Drive Motors
  •   Micro Hand Wheel Roll Gap Adjustment
  •   24" Legs Welded to Mill Frame
  •   VFD Feeder Control
  •   Corrugated Roll Feeder
  •   Dual Roll Oat Feeder
  •   Continuous Interior Welds
  •   Epoxy Paint

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