Flo-More Grain Cleaners
Flo-More® Rotary Scalpers and Cleaners are designed for economical and efficient elimination of both undersize particles and oversize particles & trash from a variety of grains and seeds including corn, milo, wheat, rice, soybeans, feed ingredients and other granular dry products before they reach materials handling and process systems.  

Flo-More® Rotary Scalpers and Cleaners are engineered for weather-tight, dust-tight and vibration-free operation. Easy maintenance assured by large access doors and quick-change two-piece screens.  Brush-type Screen Cleaning assures a clean-screen under most operating conditions. Heavy wall pipe with ribbon flighting with shafts mounted in heavy duty pillow block and flange bearings is driven by a gear reducer. Screens are mounted over the flighting and rotate with the shaft. Product flows over horizontal screens with the flighting and fall through the screen where holes are larger than the product. Materials larger than the holes exit through a trash discharge.

Flo-More® Rotary Cleaners and Scalpers come in a variety of processing capacities from 1,000 up to 20,000 bushels per hour scalping with customizable hopper configurations.  Different models provide for both sifting and scalping or dedicated scalping.
By definition, scalping removes trash and oversize particles while cleaning provides sifting for removing fines and undersize particles from the product stream. 

*All Rotary Grain Cleaners available in many different screen size openings and configurations to suit your specific needs. 
Flo-More® heavy duty high capcity drag scalper.
Designed to scalp off cobs and overs to meet European corn borer standards.

Machines available up to 25,000 bushels per hour.

Available in  mutiple widths and lenghts upto 30ft long screen deck, multiple discharge points available, heavy duty gear box drive, dual sprocket and chain conveyer with  reinforced UHMW paddles, removable covers for maintenance.

Applications: Scalp trash and Overs from Corn, Wheat, Barley and other Grains

Custom lengths quoted upon request.


  • Scalp only Screen arrangement
  • Mild Steel Materials of Construction
  • 2-15/16 Diameter Drive and Tail Shafts
  • 1-15/16 Diameter Idler Shafts
  • Hardened Chain Sprockets
  • C188 Chain, Cotter Pinned
  • Cover Panels are 14 Gauge M.S.
  • Drag Paddles are UHMW, 3/8 thick, Steel Backed
  • Screens are heavy gauge wire
  • Heavy-duty Pillow Block Bearings and Supports
  • Gear Reducer Drive
  • Legs are optional
  • Sheaves, Belts and OSHA-Type Drive Guards
  • Completely Assembled & Tested in Shop
  • Painted Ross Gray unless otherwise specified

Sizes Availble:
FMRS-1D1S: Single drum, single screen section, for sifting or scalping 
24" diameter x one 48" long screen 
28" diameter x one 48" long screen
36" diameter x one 48" long screen
48" diameter x one 48" long screen

FMRS-1D2S: Single drum, two screen sections, for sifting and scalping, or higher capacity sifting or scalping

24" diameter x two 48" long screens
28" diameter x two 48" long screens
36" diameter x two 48" long screens
48" diameter x two 48" long screens

FMRS-1D3S: Single drum, three screen sections, for sifting and scalping, or higher capacity sifting or scalping

24" diameter x three 48" long screens
36" diameter x three 48" long screens
48" diameter x three 48" long screens

FMRS-2D6S: Two drums, 6 screen sections, for sifting and scalping, two grains at once, or higher capacity sifting and scalping

24" diameter x six 48" long screens
36" diameter x six 48" long screens
48" diameter x six 48" long screens

Sizes Available

Screen Deck











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